” Mulm International” is a non-profit association of cultural and social promotion, established in Florence October 19, 1998 with registration act, No 238362-7248, that is operating in favor of humanitarian projects and conservation of cultural heritage.

In its Statute the Association makes specific reference to the UNESCO Carta of Mexico drafted in 1976 in defense of the world’s cultural heritage, which states that “The cultural heritage of a nation includes the works of its most famous artists, as well as the works of its anonymous artists, whether tangible or intangible, material or immaterial, in which it is possible to express the creativity and expression of the spirituality of the people themselves : the art, craft and technical products the literary, linguistic and musical expressions, the customs and traditions of the past and present, the sites and historical monuments, the archives and libraries, and more to defend as a result of human creativity“.


Season’s Greetings

Approaching the Christmas Holidays and the New Year-Eve, we take this occasion to send you our best wishes.

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Be involved in a Restoration of an Italian Artwork

Many notified artworks are entrusted by the owners (churches, museums, etc. ) to accredited schools that carry out their restoration process on the basis of a conservation project,  previously authorized by the competent Superintendence. The action, called ” Sponsored Restorations”, has the aim to present to private sponsors (companies, individuals and legal entities) the opportunity …

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