Aims and objectives

Statute: Article 3

Aims and objectives

The objects for which the Association is established are:

– To contribute to the international fight against the culture of death in the defense of life in its broadest sense, not only the human species but also of all other species of plants and animals and environment in its totality, thus making it an its human movement for the liberation of the death;

– To contribute to research, cataloguing, restoration, conservation, preservation and enhancement of cultural and artistic, tangible and intangible world heritage, through the development of appropriate social and cultural initiatives and training and dissemination activities;

– To preserve for future minor artworks that are often not properly considered in the right measure and that instead may form the basis for a better intellectual development and for a more complete education of the individuals of any age;

– To represent a organizational, political and economic benchmark, for all the international associations which operate as “Human Movement for the Liberation from Dead” for the defense of life and for the development of new opportunities for dialogue, cooperation and peace among the peoples of the earth.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Association shall have the right to carry out, in Italy and abroad, also on behalf of third parties, whether public or private, activities such as:

– Participation, organization and management of seminars, conferences, symposia, film projections, national and international competitions, events and representations of artistic and cultural activities;

– Promotion of contacts and cultural exchanges with other bodies and institutions having similar aims and affiliations with organizations, including international organizations, provided they are not for profit organizations;

– Promotion, planning, organizing, consulting and management, at all levels, training courses, specialization and refresher courses in any discipline;

– Research, documentation, cataloguing, restoration, conservation, preservation and enhancement of artworks and cultural artefacts in general, photographic documentation, and any other thing of value not only historical and artistic, but also emotional;

– Design, production, management and dissemination of documents, artefacts, images, archives, information services and everything else necessary for the preservation and enjoyment of the same in the press, or via the Internet, satellite and other instruments and electronic devices;

– Organization of networks for research, studies, collections and cataloguing, assembling and revising, editing, printing and dissemination, preservation and use, exploitation and alienation of rights, effective acquisition, virtual mailing, documents, artefacts, images strictly related to the works of human genius;

– Preparing, printing, distribution and management of publications, studies, journals, research, educational handouts and socio-cultural, audiovisual, CD-ROMs, websites, virtual magazines, etc. and management of contracts related to advertising and sponsorship;

– Conclusion of agreements with agencies and organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions, banks and foundations, associations, cultural associations and non-profit organizations of social utility in order to obtain financing and investments in favor of the Association;

– Training and consulting for European project , aimed at obtaining funding for the Association.

The Board of Directors shall have the right to carry out any initiatives that are necessary or useful for the achievement of the Association’s objectives, including operations relating to securities and real estate operations, furnishings and equipment as well as property and participate in initiatives of other institutions having objectives similar or related to those ones of the Association.

Download the Association Statute Italian of 19.10.1998 (16,2 M – Italian version only)