Dec 19

Season’s Greetings


Approaching the Christmas Holidays and the New Year-Eve, we take this occasion to send you our best wishes.

Jun 26

A Book on the Paradiso degli Alberti


On June 25, 2014, in the Sala Capitolare of the former monastery complex called the “Paradiso degli Alberti” in Gavinana, Via del Paradiso 88, was presented the book on the restoration of the frescoes carried out in 8 years of work by dozens of our Palazzo Spinelli students of restoration of mural paintings. The book, cared by Daniele Rapino, an officer of the Superintendence for the Polo Museale fiorentino and just edited by Polistampa, was presented to the cultural and civil authorities of the city. Cristina Acidini, Alessandra Marino, Maria Matilde Simari, Daniele Rapino, Paolo Antonio Martini, Elena Amodei, Franco Sottani, Carlo Galliano Lalli, Eleonora Pecchioli, Daniela Valentini, Fabrizio Iacopini took part at the event. This restoration has been the most challenging in the 36 year history of the Institute: 8 years of work, about 30,000 hours of work and 100 students coming from 22 different countries involved.

Oct 01

Be involved in a Restoration of an Italian Artwork

Many notified artworks are entrusted by the owners (churches, museums, etc. ) to accredited schools that carry out their restoration process on the basis of a conservation project,  previously authorized by the competent Superintendence.

The action, called ” Sponsored Restorations”, has the aim to present to private sponsors (companies, individuals and legal entities) the opportunity to support the conservation process of a group of previously selected artworks covering, in part, the pocket expenses of their restoration.

As labor costs are incurred by the School that completes the restoration treatment with its teachers and students, the sponsorship consists, in most cases, of a minimum contributions that cover, at the option of the Sponsor, the other costs of the restoration process or of a single phase of it (diagnostic, conservative or aesthetic treatment, enhancement actions) or a part of the artwork (Madonna, Child, Holy, etc.).

Apr 07

The restoration of a XVIII century wooden Madonna with Child.

sancarlo_santalucia_640x200State of conservation

The work is in a state of a distorted legibility: The condition of the original surface is altered in its original chromatic  legibility and It appears completely over painted. The artwork does not show any woodworms holes or xylophages attacks, but rather some alterations in the polychrome surface. More specifically, many parts of the pictorial surface missed their correct place and they are already fallen in some points in particular near the right sleeve of the tunic and especially on the mantle. Furthermore, the original chromatic  legibility appears dirty and yellowed due to dark varnish layers, smoky-black deposits, use of incorrect glues and over-paintings in former interventions of restoration and a deposit of dust and atmospherical agents accumulated in a uneven way in the course of years. There are many areas involved in the phenomena of delamination, lacunae and drops of color.